Client Testimonials

Here's what just a handful of our loyal clients have to say about their great experiences and excellent results from attending classes at Indy House of Pilates...

The two hours I spend a week at Pilates classes are the times I really look forward to. It gives me the time I need to focus on myself without worrying about home, kids, or work. I can't imagine not going now!
- Kathy

Pilates was a workout that I was able to do even with the existing physical limitations I had. The instructor customizes every session so that it is challenging and appropriate for me, but still safe.
- Mike

I love the strength and stamina I've gained! I used to be tired and sluggish especially in the afternoon. Since taking classes, I can get through the entire day now!
- Amy

After attending consistently, even my husband noticed things were changing everywhere!
- Beth

I love the way Pilates helps my posture while I sit at my desk and move throughout the day. Before taking classes I never noticed how much I was really missing. Everything in my body just feels better now and I walk with confidence!
- Sue

The instructors not only gets you moving, but also take the time to educate you about how your body moves... I love that!
- Sarah