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Private Pilates Intro Offer

Grab 3 private Pilates sessions AND 2 weeks of unlimited group fitness classes TODAY for just $199!

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 3 one-on-one Pilates sessions with our array of strength and balance-building equipment like the Reformer, the Cadillac, Barrels, and Chairs.
  • A complete introduction to the foundational exercises that build your confidence and mojo a little more with each session.
  • Customized and focused attention on YOUR goals and unique body (with special care for chronic pain, old or new injuries, or conditions you manage each week that make movement extra challenging.)
  • A helping hand to move you through those new-movement, healthy-habit jitters so you feel capable and successful.
  • A wide range of classes to sample for beginning and seasoned body movers.
  • A massively welcoming community for ALL bodies.
YES! I’m ready to MOVE!

And here’s how you’ll FEEL after getting in class or in a private session 2-3x’s per week for two weeks:

  • Wakeful and rested after a better night’s sleep (especially on class or private session days.)
  • Like you have a new “swagger” in your step as you find your groove with all the new movement.
  • A sense of belonging–we’re all moving at a pace that fits with our wellness goals and “regular” lives over here–and feeling content with being perfectly imperfect.
  • Accomplished–movement is a great way to build a new skill set and amplify your inner and outer excellence at something you enjoy doing. Get here and nerd out on your body with us.
YES! I’m ready to MOVE!

This offer is perfect for you if

  • you’ve been stalking our social feed or ads for a while,
  • you *finally* have some time and $$ for yourself with the kids almost grown or out of the house,
  • It’s YOUR TURN to feel strong, confident, pain-free,  and energized in your body and brain

Seriously, why wait another moment to “level-up” your body and mind? It’s a no-brainer. And we can’t wait to welcome you in.

Still wondering if what we offer is a great fit for you? Check out our class schedule HERE. Plus, we custom-schedule each private session on your time for ultimate convenience.