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Rachel Williams

Studio Owner and 2nd Generation Pilates Master | Comprehensive Master-Certified Pilates Instructor
Neurokinetic Therapy® (NKT®) Level 2 Certified Practitioner
Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex® (P-DTR®) Trained Practitioner
Practitioner of The VOILĄ Method of Structural Joint Balancing
Amino Neuro-Frequency Therapist (ANF)
TRX® Instructor | Gold Certified PiYo™ Instructor | Certified Zumba® Instructor (Multiple)
An active and outgoing individual, Rachel had been involved in fitness and sports since she was in high school. While training for the Indianapolis Mini Marathon, Rachel suffered a debilitating back injury. After a major spinal operation, she was confined to a bed or wheelchair for 80% of her waking hours.

After two separate rounds of traditional physical therapy, heavy medication, and complete frustration with mainstream rehabilitative methods, Rachel decided to commit to private Pilates equipment sessions. This was her last effort to regain strength, endurance, flexibility, and most importantly, her mobility. Within a few sessions, the results were amazing and inspiring. As her pain began to subside and physical abilities returned, she was able to participate in her day-to-day activities stronger and more able-bodied than ever before.

A sense of joy and duty has fueled Rachel's desire to share the life-changing benefits of the Pilates method. This motivated her to complete 2 separate Pilates Master certifications, as well as several other fitness-related certifications.

Rachel completed the comprehensive Pilates training and certification from the world-renowned Body Arts and Sciences International (BASI) and eventually completed another series of training in order to receive BASI's Master-Mentor certification as well.

Rachel was selected among only a few individuals in the world to take part in the Pilates Master Mentor Program - taught by Ms. Lolita San Miguel who is one of only two people to have received official certification from Joseph Pilates himself. This intensive, two-year, by-invitation only program, described as "The Spirit of The Method", was received by Ms. San Miguel directly from Joseph and Clara Pilates. Having completed this Pilates Master certification, Rachel now wishes to pass the tradition of quality along to other Pilates instructors. Rachel is one of the very few in the world to hold this honored distinction and is the only Pilates instructor in Indiana to have completed this program.

Viewing her Pilates Master certifications as just the beginning of helping others with pain and other physical dysfunctions, Rachel also completed training in three separate types of therapeutic modalities - Neurokinetic Therapy® (NKT®), Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex® (P-DTR®), and The VOILĄ Method of Structural Joint Balancing - the results of which have been nothing short of miraculous for the many clients who have benefited from these techniques.

Rachel's personal experiences and love for the Pilates method continues to drive her toward sharing its benefits with as many people as she can. She credits Pilates for balancing her body and providing her the ability to return to life. Rachel hopes that you will allow her an opportunity to share some of the amazing benefits of the Pilates method with you.

"Pilates changed my life forever...
      Let me show you how it can change yours!"